Statistics Consulting Service

Dragon Delta Analysis, (DDA) specializes in data mining and applied mathematical techniques commonly encountered in modern business environments. We have 10 years of experience with variety of situations. Among others: modeling large 401k financial data files, analyzing and predicting trends for large hospital managing firm, designing data based algorithms for internet routing companies as well as extensive work with biological (genome-proteome) type of data. Moreover, we have experience in legal settings, with several consulting jobs for local law firms as well as court appearance. The industrial experience is backed up by well rounded education (Princeton, Yale) and ongoing academic career.

Recent STUDY cases

Court/ Expert witness Experience:

Selected Businesses Consultancy:

  • Slavic 401K, Principle Statistician, Data mining, Forecasting (Financial data)
  • Quantiva/NetScout, Principle Mathematician, Algorithm Developer (Internet Traffic)
  • Team Health, Statistical consultant (Hospital data)
  • E-neighbors, Statistical consultant (Real estate data)

education, Professional experience, Patents

Dr. Dragan Radulovic is founder and chief of Dragon Delta Analysis. He obtained his PhD in Mathematical Statistics at University of Connecticut in 1999. He conducted Post-Doc research at Princeton University (2001-2003). Later, he joined the Department of Statistics at Yale University (2001-2003) and the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Florida Atlantic University (2003-present). He is author of numerous research papers and several U.S. Patents. His research interests include Molecular Biology/Bioinformatics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.